Written by  David Horan and Iseult Golden

Friday 7th February- Sunday 9th February


‘Brian and Donna’s son is nine years old and he’s struggling. That’s what his teacher says. Says he should see a psychologist. But Brian and Donna- recently separated- never liked school, never liked teachers.’

Class follows the journeys of Brian and Donna, two parents called in to a welfare meeting about their son, Jayden. Having been victims of the ‘special’ classes themselves, they worry that the same will happen to their son.

Jayden and Kaylie aren’t interested in the concerns of the grown ups- they just want to know why Mr McCafferty is keeping them behind every night to help with their reading. 
Mr McCafferty becomes unwittingly involved in the lives of his students- often taking one step too far with his duty of care.

Class keeps up with their stories as they unfold, and as they all become increasingly involved in one another’s lives, they come to realise that best intent isn’t always best outcome.


Brian- Brad Hodgeson

Donna- Aisling Lally

McCafferty- Abel Kent

Production Team

Director - Jess Ault

Assistant Director - Rosie Day

Producer - Henry Longstaff

Set  - Scarlett Wood

Costume - Maisie Coldman

Lighting - Yuvall Brigg

Sound - Kirill Yurchev

Stage Manager - Joanna Papanastassiou

Photographer - Izzy Baxter

Content Warnings

Content Warnings include: Strong language, Blood, Derogatory language, Violence, Reference to death, Classism.

At DramaSoc we strive to be as inclusive as possible without providing spoilers for our members, if you want to find out more or just want more information on the show please get in touch with us at


The Drama Barn

University of York

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